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Russian oil refinery shuts down main unit after Ukrainian drone strike - Reuters

Russian oil refinery shuts down main unit after Ukrainian drone strike - Reuters Photo: Kuibyshev refinery shuts down its main unit (RosSIA)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Rosneft-owned Kuibyshev refinery in the Russian city of Samara has shut down CDU-5, one of its two primary processing units, taking half of its capacity out of service, Reuters reports.

According to the agency, the production capacity of CDU-5 is 9.5 thousand tons per day (70 thousand barrels per day), which is about half of its capacity.

Another CDU primary oil processing unit has a production capacity of 10.5 thousand tons of oil per day. It is not yet clear whether the unit is operating normally.

Last year, the Kuibyshev refinery was the 29th largest refinery in Russia in terms of production, accounting for 1.34% of the total oil refining volume - 3.687 million tons of crude oil. The refinery produced 624 thousand tons of gasoline (1.42% of the total Russian output), 1.187 million tons of diesel fuel (1.35%), and 1.040 million tons of fuel oil (2.56%).

Russian oil refining capacity, which was shut down in the first quarter due to attacks by Ukrainian drones on at least seven refineries, is about 4.6 million tons (370 thousand barrels per day), or about 7% of the total, according to Reuters calculations.

Attacks on Russian refineries

As previously noted by the Ukrainian security services, Ukraine has recently attacked 12 Russian oil refineries using drones.

UK intelligence has stated that the recent attacks have put at least 10% of the capacity of Russian refineries out of commission. Russia is unlikely to be able to protect all refineries from Ukrainian attacks.

Last week, the Financial Times reported that the United States urged Ukraine to stop attacking Russian energy infrastructure. Washington fears that strikes on Russian refineries could lead to a rise in world oil and gasoline prices.

However, Mykhailo PodolIak, an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that Ukraine had not received any calls from the United States to stop attacks on Russian refineries.