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Russian occupiers transfer equipment towards Berdiansk: Photo

Russian occupiers transfer equipment towards Berdiansk: Photo photo: the Russian occupiers throw equipment towards Berdyansk (Getty Images)

Local residents of Mariupol have noticed that Russian occupiers have begun transferring equipment towards Berdiansk, according to the advisor to the Mariupol mayor, Petro Andriushchenko.

"As the country, so are the New Year processions," Andriushchenko remarked.

According to him, local residents of Mariupol noticed a Russian convoy consisting of over 10 trucks with ammunition and equipment on trailers heading towards Berdiansk.

"This is what a real Santa Claus procession looks like," added the advisor to the mayor.

Situation in Mariupol

In the spring of 2022, Russian forces captured Mariupol and its surrounding area after months of intense fighting. Following the capture, the occupiers turned the devastated city into their military base. However, Mariupol continues to experience frequent explosions, partly due to the actions of partisans.

Recently, our soldiers targeted enemy ammunition depots and equipment in the temporarily occupied city, which the enemy had positioned on the territory of the former Hladokombinat in the Kalmius district. It was also reported that 10 occupiers were eliminated in the operation.