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Russian Ministry of Defense activated air defense systems in response to drone attacks in 3 regions

Russian Ministry of Defense activated air defense systems in response to drone attacks in 3 regions The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the operation of air defense systems due to a purported drone attack (photo: doblest club)

In the Russian Federation, forces and means of air defense were deployed in three regions during the night of March 7 due to an alleged drone attack, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the defense department of the aggressor country, the incident occurred in the Kursk, Bryansk, and Tula regions.

The Russian ministry traditionally blames Ukraine for the drone raid and reports the cessation of an attempt to attack unspecified objects in the country using drones of aircraft type.

The Russian side also claims to have allegedly intercepted and shot down 5 drones:

  • one drone was intercepted over the Kursk region
  • three UAVs were destroyed over the Bryansk region
  • two drones were shot down over the Tula region.

No information was provided about the consequences of such drone attacks or the work of the air defense system in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Drone attacks in Russia

Earlier tonight, the governor of the Russian Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, announced that two drones were allegedly destroyed over the Klintsy district and Novozybkov city district using air defense systems.

Before that, Russia reported the destruction of a drone near the Bronka port near St. Petersburg over the Gulf of Finland.

It was also reported that on the night of February 24, Air Defense Forces and means were active in the Kursk and Tula regions of Russia due to an alleged drone attack. Two UAVs were reported shot down.

Additionally, a series of explosions occurred in the Russian city of Lipetsk, followed by a fire at a local metallurgical plant. The plant was attacked by drones.

Overnight on February 25, Russians reported drone attacks over the Belgorod region and the Black Sea.