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Russia claims drone attack

Russia claims drone attack Russians claim drone attack: Where drones were shot down (photo: Getty Images)

Russians claimed to have shot down drones on the night of February 25, according to the RIA Novosti Telegram channel.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, drones were flying over the Belgorod region and the Black Sea.

"Air defense systems intercepted and destroyed 2 drones over the Belgorod region and 4 over the Black Sea," the Ministry reported.

The attack allegedly involved Ukrainian drones.

Drone attacks on Russia

Earlier, we reported that a drone attacked the Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant, causing a fire on the production site.

By the way, overnight on February 24, Russians allegedly shot down drones in two regions.

The day before, drones attacked the Kursk region, and the Russians claimed to have suffered losses.