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Russian intelligence services attempt to recruit agents in Canada - Ukraine's Intelligence

Russian intelligence services attempt to recruit agents in Canada - Ukraine's Intelligence Photo: Russian special services are looking for agents in Canada (

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSS) in Canada is attempting to identify foreigners who maintain contact with intelligence agencies of various countries worldwide and recruit them for Moscow's service, according to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence, the search for double agents is taking place within the immigrant community from Russia and other countries that were part of or influenced by the Soviet Union.

The Kremlin's special services promote their appeals, in particular, through Russian-language mass media in Canada.

"For example, in March 2024, the FSS distributed the relevant appeal in the form of a leaflet supplement to the printed edition Nasha Kanada - a newspaper distributed for free in European goods stores, Russian restaurants, metro stations, certain schools, hospitals, and residential complexes in the city of Toronto," reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

The intelligence also noted that the mentioned printed edition presents itself as pro-democratic and anti-Putin, but it may only be a cover and a way to divert the attention of local security structures.

Russian agents and spies in Europe

Earlier, a group of Russian spies was exposed in Great Britain. They were involved in gathering intelligence information for Russia.

Additionally, on February 20, the Estonian authorities announced the successful exposure of a hybrid operation by Russian special services. As part of the criminal investigation, 10 individuals were detained.

Politico reported that Russian intelligence is using a Serbian agent to infiltrate EU institutions and spread pro-Kremlin narratives about the invasion of Ukraine.