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Russian Federation complains about drone attacks in various regions

Russian Federation complains about drone attacks in various regions In several regions of the Russian Federation, there have been reports of drone attacks (photo: Getty Images)

In the Russian Federation, forces and means of air defense were active in two regions overnight on June 23 due to drone attacks. Explosions were reported in the Smolensk and Bryansk regions, while an alert was sounded in the Lipetsk region due to the threat of UAV strikes, according to the governors of the Smolensk, Bryansk, and Lipetsk regions, Vasily Anokhin, Alexander Bogomaz, and Igor Artamonov, respectively.

Authorities in these Russian regions claim to have repelled attacks by Ukrainian drones.

Smolensk region

According to the Governor of Smolensk, drones were detected over Smolensk and Yartsevo, and air defense forces engaged them around 3 a.m. local time.

"According to preliminary information, there were no casualties or damage from falling debris... Information about the consequences is being clarified," he wrote on his Telegram.

Bryansk region

Meanwhile, the authorities in the Bryansk region claim that several municipal districts in the region were subjected to a mass attack, but all targets were allegedly shot down and intercepted.

"Twelve unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft type were destroyed within an hour. Two UAVs - over the Trubchevsky district, eight drones were shot down over the territory of the Brasovsky district, and two were destroyed over the Pochepsky district. There were no casualties or damage," Bogomaz wrote on Telegram at 01:23.

An hour later, he added that allegedly another 9 aircraft-type drones were also destroyed by air defense forces: "Four drones were shot down over the Dubrovsky district, two over the Bryansk district, one UAV was destroyed over the territories of the Klintsovsky district, Novozybkovsky, and Starodubsky municipal districts."

But it didn't end there; around 3 a.m., a Russian official announced that another 2 drones were also shot down in the Surazhsky district.

Lipetsk region

Additionally, in the Lipetsk region, an air raid alert was issued precisely due to the threat of drone attacks. The local governor wrote on Telegram about the cancellation of the threat only around 06:20.

Drone attacks in Russia

In recent months, almost nightly attacks with kamikaze drones have been occurring against oil refineries and military facilities not only in the border regions of Russia but also deep within the aggressor country's territory.

Recently, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that in the past few days, the Defense Forces of Ukraine have carried out a series of successful strikes on important targets in the territory of the Russian Federation. Oil refineries (NPPs), Shaheds storage facilities, and others were hit.

Additionally, earlier tonight, the Ukrainian Navy revealed details of the destruction of the Shaheds depot and enemy infrastructure in the Kuban region overnight on June 21.