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Russian drone attack on Odesa aftermath: Fire in high-rise building and 6 injured

Russian drone attack on Odesa aftermath: Fire in high-rise building and 6 injured Photo: aftermath of the drone attack in Odesa (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On the night of January 25, Russian war criminals launched two waves of Shahed kamikaze drones in Southern Ukraine. The main attack was centered on Odesa. The attack damaged houses and a warehouse and injured six people, according to the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Air Defense Forces managed to shoot down 11 kamikaze drones: 10 in the Odesa region and one in the Mykolaiv region.

Russian troops used tried-and-true tactical tricks: they approached from the sea at low altitudes and resorted to complex maneuvers.

One of their downed drones hit a partially inhabited multi-story building in the Khadzhybeyskyi district of Odesa and caused a fire. Several apartments were damaged, and one person was burned and hospitalized.

Another damaged drone pierced the roof of a two-story residential building in the city's Prymorskyi district when it fell.

Another UAV crashed in the same residential neighborhood, near an apartment building damaged in a previous attack. The blast wave caused a lot of damage to the windows of the surrounding buildings, a car parked in the yard was burnt to ashes, and several others were injured.

In addition, Russians hit the warehouse of a furniture plant in the industrial district of Odesa. A massive fire broke out due to a large amount of flammable substances.

A man who was riding a bicycle nearby was thrown to the ground by the shock wave. He was injured by fragments of various objects that flew from the explosion. The victim received medical assistance.

Photo: consequences of the Russian drone attack in Odesa (

Russian Shahed attack on Odesa

On the night of January 25, Russian troops attacked Odesa with kamikaze drones. As a result, several buildings in the city's Prymorskyi district were damaged.

"At night, Odesa suffered another Shaheds attack. Residential buildings were damaged again, this time in the Prymorskyi district. There was no information about hospitalization, rescuers and medics are assisting people on the spot," the mayor's office says.