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Russia to redeploy military equipment to Belarus again

Russia to redeploy military equipment to Belarus again Illustrative photo: Russia may move military equipment to Belarus (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The Russians are probably planning to redeploy their military equipment to Belarus again. Belarusian Railways is already preparing to receive the trains, according to the Community of Belarusian Railroaders.

According to railroad officials, Belarus is preparing to receive trains with Russian military equipment, personnel, and ammunition.

In addition, echelons may be sent to Belarus from the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories.

The railroaders clarify that Belarus is taking measures to ensure the secrecy of these equipment transports.

This follows reports from the Belarusian Hajun monitoring channel suggesting that Belarus is planning to hold large-scale military exercises with the participation of Russia next year.

Assistance to Russia from Belarus

Belarus is Russia's ally in the war against Ukraine. In particular, the country transferred a large amount of military equipment and ammunition to the Russian army.

Also, during the onset of full-scale war, Russian troops were advancing into Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Missile attacks on Ukraine were carried out from the territory of Belarus.

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