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Russian aviation struck its own positions in Avdiivka area

Russian aviation struck its own positions in Avdiivka area Photo: the Russian Air Force struck their positions (Getty Images)

Russian aviation struck positions of its own armed forces in the Avdiivka area of the Donetsk region during the battles for the city, reports the Telegram ATESH.

"ATESH agent from the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces informed us about a case of friendly fire in the Avdiivka area. During a routine sortie, enemy aviation mistakenly struck positions," according to the statement from ATESH.

It is noted that the strike was inflicted on positions occupied by artillery units of the 239th Tank Regiment of the Russian army.

Withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Avdiivka

On the night of February 16 to 17, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, announced the decision to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka, which was under the threat of enemy encirclement.

Later, a press officer from the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, whose soldiers covered the exit of the Defense Forces from the city, stated that the critical moment had already passed, but the operation to regroup forces is still ongoing.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, President Zelenskyy called the decision to withdraw troops from Avdiivka the right and professional one but criticized allies for inadequate assistance to Ukraine, which led to such a situation.

At the same time, Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov stated that the Ukrainian leadership drew conclusions from the situation in Avdiivka.

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