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Russian attack on Chernihiv: Three missile strikes, dead and many wounded

Russian attack on Chernihiv: Three missile strikes, dead and many wounded Russia hit Chernihiv with missiles three times on April 17 (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian forces launched three missile strikes on Chernihiv on April 17, hitting near the city center. Dead and many wounded reported, according to Viacheslav Chaus, the head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration, and Oleksandr Lomako, the acting mayor of Chernihiv.

"The enemy carried out three missile strikes near the city center. There are civilian fatalities as well as many wounded. Rescue workers and our medical personnel are currently working at the scene. They are providing all necessary assistance," Chaus said.

Update as of 4:10 PM (Kyiv time):

  • Currently, at least 17 fatalities are known (including a 25-year-old police lieutenant) and 60 injured (including three children). Three people have been rescued, but people likely continue to be trapped under the rubble.
  • A day of mourning for the victims of the attack has been declared in the city.
  • The Russian Federation attacked a densely populated area near the city center using Iskander cruise missiles.
  • The target was a social facility not related to critical infrastructure. Elements of the walls of 6 floors - from the third to the sixth floor and its annexes - were visually destroyed. The hospital and the central building of Chernihiv Polytechnic were also damaged. Dozens of cars were damaged.
  • Preliminary, 16 buildings were damaged, windows were blown out. Specialists are going around and inspecting the apartments.
  • All communications (electricity, gas) have been cut off in the area where the airplanes landed to prevent even more damage. Electricity and gas are expected to be restored by 5:00 PM (Kyiv time).
  • The National Police informs that there are currently 6 missing persons.

Relief center has been established

According to the head of the regional administration, a relief center for the victims has already been established at the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Chernihiv region.

"If you need police assistance, call the 102 hotline. Dear citizens! If you are looking for your relatives, please call 093-241-09-87," law enforcement officials said.

Lomako said that the strike hit civilian and social infrastructure objects in Chernihiv.

"Hospitals are operating in an enhanced mode and are already admitting the first victims," he added.

Later, Chaus appealed for blood donation due to shortages caused by the mass shelling of the city.

4 dead and 5 injured

Four fatalities were reported around 10:00 AM.

"Unfortunately, at the moment, the information about 4 fatalities has been confirmed. From what I see, the number could be higher, unfortunately. There are still many unexplored objects. There are injured people turning for help to city hospitals. In particular, most reports of injured are in our hospital - 5 people currently. But I think there are more of them," Lomako said.

Death toll rises

Around 10:30 AM, 5 people have been reported killed.

"Unfortunately, we already know about five dead. The search operation is still ongoing. Let me remind you that all services are working at the scene and the main task is to help the victims," said Lomako.

As of 10:40 AM, there are 8 dead and 18 injured as a result of Russian missile attacks on Chernihiv.

"The search and rescue operation is ongoing," said Lomako.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as of 10:59 AM, there are 8 dead and 17 injured in Chernihiv.

"Six of them were hospitalized," the statement said.

In addition, the building of the medical institution was damaged, but there were no casualties in the hospital.

Emergency crews are working at the scene.

Around 11:00 AM, it was reported that 9 people were killed and over 20 injured.

"The rescue and search operation is currently underway. There are 9 dead and more than 20 wounded. Everyone is working, of course, taking into account safety measures, because we remember that the enemy sometimes attacks again," Chaus said.

As of 11:00 AM, Natalia Furs, medical director of Chernihiv City Hospital No. 2, reported 11 injured in the medical facility.

"Three of them were hospitalized. Two are in serious condition in the operating room. One is in moderate condition. The issue of hospitalization is being decided for one patient. Others were provided with medical aid and sent for outpatient treatment," she said.

(11:15 AM) Zelenskyy's reaction and the 10 dead

At 11:15 AM, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that as of this time, 20 people have been reported injured and 10 dead.

"Chernihiv. Rescue operation continues after a Russian missile strike. People are trapped under the rubble. Unfortunately, the death toll may increase. And this would not have happened if Ukraine had received sufficient air defense systems and if the world's determination to counter Russian terror was also sufficient," he wrote.

Consequences of the shelling of Chernihiv on April 17 (

(11:35) People missing, number of dead and wounded continues to grow

According to Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, there are 11 dead, 22 injured and some missing in Chernihiv.

"We have reports of at least three missing persons. There are still people under the rubble. The search and rescue operation continues. Psychologists are working with the victims. The video shows the moment of rescue of one of the victims," he said.

According to him, a 25-year-old police lieutenant was among those killed in the Russian shelling.

"The woman lived in a neighboring house and was at home on a sick leave. She received a fatal shrapnel wound," said Klymenko.

Consequences of missile attack

According to Lomako, at 9:03 AM, three explosions were heard in the city, including in densely populated areas.

"Direct hit on a social infrastructure building. An 8-story building. Elements of the walls of 6 floors - from the third to the sixth floor and the extension to it - are visually destroyed.," he added.

In addition, nearby buildings were damaged, as well as many cars in the area.

"There is social urban infrastructure. It is a densely populated area, the intersection of two streets. So there was a lot of traffic at that time," the acting mayor of Chernihiv said.

Power and gas outages, and a lot of destruction

In addition, local media reported problems with electricity in the city. This was confirmed by Lomako, who said that the consequences of the attack are currently being eliminated, so all communications, including electricity and gas, have been cut off in the affected area to prevent more damage.

"These are not critical infrastructure facilities, so it (outages - ed.) does not affect them in any way. There will be problems in the area for a while. The main task now is the search and rescue operation... There is a lot of destruction in the area. So I think there is still a lot of work to be done," he said.

Explosions in Chernihiv

Explosions were heard in Chernihiv on April 17. Local media reported at least three. An air alarm was declared in the region. Later, it became known about "visits" to Chernihiv, where occupiers struck civilian infrastructure. Later, information about casualties and injuries emerged.