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Russian army struck Shahed on Sumy

Russian army struck Shahed on Sumy The Russian Armed Forces struck Shahed in Sumy (photo: Getty Images)

Russian forces carried out an airstrike using a precision unmanned aerial vehicle of the Shahed type against a critical infrastructure target in the city of Sumy late in the evening on October 18, according to the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

"In the middle of the night, a Shahed-type UAV struck an infrastructure target in the city of Sumy. All emergency services and the military administration are currently on-site. We urge residents of Sumy to seek shelter until the air raid alert is lifted," stated the Regional Military Administration.

Shelling of the city of Sumy

Russian forces have been launching attacks on the northern Ukrainian regional center from the early days of the war, employing various types of weaponry. Explosions in the city were reported today at approximately 22:50. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the enemy deployed strike drones over the Sumy region.

Previously, we reported that Russian forces shelled a school in the Sumy region, resulting in the tragic loss of a child's life.