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Russian army launches airstrike on Sumy

Russian army launches airstrike on Sumy Illustrative photo: There were explosions in Sumy during the air raid (Getty Images)

Russian occupiers today, April 8, struck Sumy with the assistance of their aviation. The target of the attack was civilian infrastructure, reports the Sumy Regional Military Administration on Telegram.

"After 3:00 p.m., the Russian army carried out an airstrike on the civilian infrastructure of Sumy," the agency said in a statement.

The Regional Military Administration clarified that the consequences of the attack by the Russian occupiers are being assessed.

The agency called on local residents to be careful, and always go to the shelter during air raids.

What preceded

Around 3:14 p.m., reports emerged online that residents of Sumy heard explosions.

In March, the Russian army intensified the shelling of the Sumy region. For this purpose, they used almost the entire range of weapons.

Vadym Mysnyk, a representative of the Operational Command North, noted, that as of March 18, the Russian army shelled the Sumy region an average of 70-100 times per day.

As a result, forced evacuations of families with children began in some communities of the region near the border with Russia.