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Russian army deployed Onyx missiles to Sevastopol

Russian army deployed Onyx missiles to Sevastopol ATESH partisans discovered the redeployment of Onyx missile carriers to Sevastopol (photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Partisans have reported the transfer of a supersonic missile carrier P-800 Onyx in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. This involves the Bastion-P system, according to the ATESH movement.

During reconnaissance activities in Sevastopol, an agent of the movement managed to document the transfer of two self-propelled launcher units SPU 340P, also known as the coastal missile system Bastion-P.

It is used to target surface ships of various classes and types, as well as ground targets in conditions of electronic countermeasures. Additionally, Bastion-P serves as one of the primary carriers for supersonic Onyx missiles.

Partisans from the ATESH movement have determined that the installations belong to the 15th Separate Coastal Missile Brigade (military unit 80365).

"The agent traced the movement routes and the final destination of the missile complex. The information has been relayed to the Defense Forces. We await the results," the statement reads.

Partisan activities in occupied Crimea

Partisans have uncovered that a few weeks ago in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, a Russian patrol ship Tarantul sank, presumably after an attack by Ukrainian naval drones.

Additionally, partisans discovered Russian construction of engineering and fortification structures for the defense of Yevpatoria in Crimea.

Furthermore, recently, partisans conducted a sortie to the airfield of Russian forces in Yevpatoria. It was revealed that it is not guarded around the clock.