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Russian army advancing slowly in Donbas - British Intelligence

Russian army advancing slowly in Donbas - British Intelligence Photo: Russia is gradually advancing in Donbas (Getty Images)

The Russian army continues to seize settlements in the Donbas. The pace of the offensive is slowly but gradually increasing, according to the UK Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

As noted in the report, on April 22, the Russian military ministry said that its forces had captured the village of Novomykhailivka, located south of Marinka and northeast of Vuhledar in the Donetsk region.

"Novomykhailivka has limited military strategic significance but lies on roads to other settlements that straddle both sides of the Sukhi Yaly river in southern Donetsk," the statement said.

Russian army advancing slowly in Donbas - British Intelligence

Russian troops entered the city on February 9 and reached the city center by March 24. Earlier, the 79th Separate Tavria Air Assault Brigade reported that the Russian army needed 30,000 troops to do this, and lost 300 pieces of equipment during the six months of fighting on the outskirts of the city.

According to British intelligence, it took 73 days for Russian troops to enter and capture the village (a total distance of less than 5 km). This happened with the help of additional operational reserves. This demonstrates the slow but incremental progress that Russian troops are making.

"On this axis, Russian forces will likely seek to advance towards the town of Kostyantynivka, 2 km west from Novomykhailivka. Further advances north of Vuhledar could eventually allow Vuhledar's defenses to be bypassed. Those defenses have caused extremely high casualties for Russian ground forces," the British Ministry of Defense said.

After capturing Avdiivka in February 2024, Russian troops have been gradually advancing westward. According to British intelligence, Russia is recruiting about 30,000 new soldiers every month, which allows it to cover losses and continue its war against Ukraine.