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Russian A-50 aircraft damaged during strike on Taganrog, source

Russian A-50 aircraft damaged during strike on Taganrog, source A-50 aircraft (Photo: Russian media)

A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft was damaged during the attack on the Taganrog Aviation Plant on March 9, according to RBC-Ukraine's source in the Ukrainian special services.

According to the source, during the attack on the aviation plant, one of the enemy's A-50 aircraft was damaged. However, the severity of the damage is currently being clarified.

Attack on Russian regions

On the night of March 9, Russia reported drone attacks in four regions:

  • Rostov region;
  • Kursk region;
  • Belgorod region;
  • Volgograd region.

The Ministry of Defense of the terrorist country claimed to have intercepted and destroyed 41 drones. As reported by Astra, the aviation plant named after Beriev could have been affected by the raid on Taganrog. Later, the governor of the Rostov region lamented again over a new wave of drones.

In particular, analysts from Frontelligence Insight shared footage of the affected plant. As reported by the news agency Militarnyi, there is a likelihood that the A-50 was damaged. The aircraft could have been moved to one of the hangars, which were later struck.