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Russia will test NATO with hybrid attacks - Commander of Finnish Army

Russia will test NATO with hybrid attacks - Commander of Finnish Army Photo: General Janne Jaakkola (Ilta-Sanomat)

The Russian Federation may not directly attack NATO countries, but will continue hybrid attacks, such as signal jamming and interference in elections, stated the new commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Janne Jaakkola.

Some officials, such as US President Joe Biden and Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen, have expressed concerns that Russia's long-term plans may include an attack on NATO.

"Of course testing the Article 5 is always possible, but if we take correct action and maintain unity, I consider an attack unlikely," said Jaakkola.

In his opinion, Russia is currently too occupied with preparing for a new summer offensive in Ukraine to consider the possibility of attacking NATO.

"The point for the Russians is that they wish to cause as much division in Europe as possible, so that our unity and cohesion is a bit weaker," the general noted.

NATO countries are preparing for a conflict with Russia

At the beginning of 2024, statements began to circulate in the media regarding Russia's preparations for an attack on NATO countries. Germany, in particular, is purportedly already preparing for such a scenario.

The statements made in the media prompted reactions from several NATO countries. The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania stated that they do not see a threat of Russia attacking NATO countries, as Moscow is fully focused on the war in Ukraine.