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Russia-Ukraine war: Kremlin promises each soldier 2 hectares of occupied Ukrainian land

Russia-Ukraine war: Kremlin promises each soldier 2 hectares of occupied Ukrainian land Photo: The Kremlin promises future invaders 2 hectares of occupied Ukrainian land (GettyImages

The Kremlin promises each future occupier 2 hectares of occupied Ukrainian land in the Donetsk and Kherson regions. The main condition is to join the ranks of the Russian army with subsequent deployment to war in Ukraine, according to the National Resistance Center on Telegram.

"The Kremlin has decided on another way to incentivize its people to go to war in Ukraine. Now, occupiers will be handing out two hectares of Ukrainian land to each participant of the Special Military Operation. Primarily, this concerns the southern parts of the Donetsk and Kherson regions," the message states.

Additionally, as noted by the National Resistance Center, state housing inspections have recently started operating in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Their goal is to identify vacant apartments or apartments whose owners have left the region.

Subsequently, such apartments are declared uninhabited and nationalized.

The National Resistance Center informs that occupants fail to receive their promised "rewards" in terms of housing and land. Instead, the land and real estate are sold for large sums.

"The Kremlin knows very well that the lifespan of Russian 'meat' does not exceed eight weeks," the National Resistance Center explains.

Occupation authorities confiscate property from Ukrainians in the occupied territories

We recently reported on how Russian terrorists continue to seize housing from Ukrainians who still reside in the temporarily occupied territories.

It has also become known that the occupation authorities actively offer so-called investors from the Russian regions with power to buy occupied Ukrainian lands. This primarily concerns recreational areas and resorts.