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Russia-Ukraine war - frontline update as of July 24

Russia-Ukraine war - frontline update as of July 24 Militants (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukrainian forces are advancing on two fronts in the Zaporizhzhia region and have also destroyed 9 enemy artillery systems at their firing positions, according to the data from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian shelling

During the day, the enemy carried out 1 missile and 58 aviation strikes, as well as more than 26 rocket artillery attacks on the positions of our troops and civilian areas.

Unfortunately, there are casualties and injuries among children and civilians, and the port infrastructure and grain storage facilities in southern Ukraine have suffered damage, along with residential buildings and other infrastructure.

The probability of missile and aviation strikes across the entire territory of Ukraine remains high.

Frontline situation

During the day, there were 23 armed clashes.

In the Volyn and Polissia direction, the operational situation remains relatively stable, with no significant signs of offensive formations detected.

In the Siversk and Slobozhanske direction, the enemy maintains its military presence. Aviation strikes were carried out in the areas of Huriv Kozachok and Pishchane in the Kharkiv region.

Mortars and artillery targeted areas in over 15 populated areas, including northeastern Leonivka in the Chernihiv region, eastern Boyaro-Lezhachiv, Uhroidy, and southeastern Popivka in the Sumy region, as well as Basov, Huriv Kozachok, Hranyv, Pishchane, Kozacha Lopan, and Hatysche in the Kharkiv region.

In the Kupiansk direction, aviation strikes were recorded near Terniv, Vilshana, and Kyslivka in the Kharkiv region.

Artillery and mortar shelling from the enemy were reported in Krasne Pershe, Fiholivka, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Kupiansk, and Odradne in the Kharkiv region.

In the Lyman direction, the enemy carried out aviation strikes in the areas of Bilohorivka in the Luhansk region and Lyman, Yampolia, Siverska, Spirne, and Rozdolivka in the Donetsk region.

Artillery shelling was experienced in Nevseke and Bilohorivka in the Luhansk region and Torske, Verkhniokamianske, Spirne, and Rozdolivka in the Donetsk region.

In the Bakhmut direction, Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled enemy attacks in the areas northwestern of Orikhovo-Vasylivka, southern of Ivanivske, and western of Klyshchivka in the Donetsk region. The enemy conducted aviation strikes in the areas of Dyliivka and Predtechne in the Donetsk region.

Furthermore, artillery shelling was carried out in over 10 populated areas, including Avdiivka, Lastochkyne, Vodiane, Pervomaiske, and Karlivka in the Donetsk region.

In the Maryinka direction, the defense forces continue to contain the Russian troops' advance in the areas of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka in the Donetsk region.

The enemy conducted shelling in over 10 populated areas, including Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Pobieda, Heorhiivka, and Maksymilianivka in the Donetsk region.

In the Shakhtarsk direction, the enemy carried out unsuccessful offensive actions in the area of Rivnopillia in the Donetsk region.

Shelling was reported in over 10 populated areas, including Paraskoviivka, Novomykhailivka, Vuhledar, and Blahodatne in the Donetsk region.

In the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions, the enemy concentrates its main efforts on preventing further advancement of our troops.

Aviation strikes were conducted in the areas of Mala Tokmachka, Orikhove, and Lobkove in the Zaporizhzhia region. More than 30 populated areas, including Huliaypole, Novoandriivka, Mali Shcherbaky, and Stepnohirsk in the Zaporizhzhia region, and Zolota Balka, Mykhailivka, Kachkarivka, Kozatske in the Kherson region, and the city of Kherson experienced artillery shelling.

Ukrainian forces continue their offensive

Simultaneously, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue their offensive operation in the Melitopol and Berdyansk directions. They are consolidating their positions on the achieved frontlines, inflicting artillery strikes on identified enemy targets, and conducting counter-battery measures.

Extraordinary events

Russian occupiers persist in committing acts of looting on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Specifically, in the settlement of Myronivskyi in the Donetsk region, since July 10, the arrival of troops from the Russian Guard unit "Akhmat" has been reported. These troops are forcibly evicting local civilians from their homes and occupying the residences themselves. Additionally, these Russian occupation forces are engaging in widespread looting, causing widespread discontent among the civilian population.

Furthermore, Russian occupiers continue to utilize civilian medical infrastructure in the temporarily seized settlements to provide medical assistance to their injured servicemen.

In the settlement of Radensk in the Kherson region, Russian military personnel have transformed the territory of a local kindergarten into a field hospital. Dozens of injured occupiers are being treated there.

Enemy losses

Over a day, the defense aviation conducted 8 strikes on the areas of personnel, weaponry, and military equipment concentration, as well as 4 strikes on the enemy's anti-aircraft missile complexes. During this time, our defenders destroyed 3 enemy attack UAVs of the "Shahed-136" type.

Units of the missile forces and artillery hit 4 command posts, 3 anti-aircraft defense systems, 9 artillery pieces on firing positions, and 4 enemy electronic warfare stations during the day.

Over the last day, Ukrainian defenders have eliminated 660 more Russian invaders. In total, the Ukrainian military has destroyed 242,620 troops of the Russian Armed Forces.