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Russia to hold youth forum in Sochi to recruit Serbs

Russia to hold youth forum in Sochi to recruit Serbs Illustrative photo (UNIAN)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russia is set to hold a youth forum in Sochi this year aimed at recruiting Serbs, with the application process already underway, according to Sprotyv media.

"The Russians have begun accepting applications from those eager to participate in the World Festival of Youth 2024. The event is designed to showcase external support for Russia's policies, especially prior to the presidential elections in Russia," the report said.

Moreover, the Kremlin is trying to prevent Serbia from getting closer to the European Union at any cost, hence focusing its propaganda efforts on Serbian youth.

"Besides, the unofficial important aim of the event is to recruit agents of influence who will act in Europe to advance Russia's interests," the report said.

Mercenaries in the Russian army

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree last year allowing foreigners who enlist in the Russian army to obtain citizenship on an expedited basis.

In September of last year, Cuba announced that it was working to neutralize a network that operated both on Cuban territory and in Russia.

The Cuban authorities arrested 17 individuals who were enticing young Cuban men to join the Russian army in the war against Ukraine. They could face the death penalty.

Nepal demands that Moscow refrain from recruiting its citizens into the Russian army and immediately return all Nepalese citizens after it became known that six soldiers who served in the Russian army were killed.