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Russia to expand aggression if not halted in Ukraine, warns EU Commission

Russia to expand aggression if not halted in Ukraine, warns EU Commission Valdis Dombrovskis (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Western allies should focus their efforts on repelling Russia's invasion of Ukraine, otherwise, Moscow will continue to try to expand beyond its borders, according to the European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis.

"My biggest worry is continued Russian aggression against Ukraine. If we are not stopping Russia, there are prospects of Russia actually going further and starting new aggressive wars, and they are openly talking about this," he says in Davos.

Dombrovskis, who is in charge of the European Union's trade policy, warned that 2024 would be a difficult year given the war against Ukraine and tensions in the Middle East.

These conflicts could disrupt trade and supply chains, although the World Trade Organization's global forecast of 3.3% for 2024 is "quite positive," Dombrovskis says. However, "there are certain risks that we need to follow."

Russian aggression against Europe

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that according to German experts, an armed confrontation between Russia and NATO is possible in five to eight years.

Earlier, Admiral Rob Bauer, head of NATO's Military Committee, said that the alliance needs to be transformed, and the West must prepare for an era in which anything can happen at any time, including the outbreak of war.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the West's hesitation in supporting Kyiv and fears of an escalation of the war with Russia could prolong the fighting for years.