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German Defense Minister speaks about Russia's possible war with NATO

German Defense Minister speaks about Russia's possible war with NATO German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (GettyImage)
Author: Maria Kholina

German experts believe that armed confrontation between Russia and NATO is likely, with such a scenario potentially unfolding within the next five to eight years, according to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in an interview with Tagesspiegel.

Pistorius said that he currently does not consider a Russian attack (on NATO - ed.) likely. However, he is inclined to trust the statements of experts suggesting that war could break out in the next five to eight years.

"We hear threats from the Kremlin almost every day, lately directed towards our friends in the Baltic countries again. Therefore, we must take into account that Russia may eventually attack even a NATO country," said Pistorius.

The Minister of Defense also emphasized that his statement aims to "awaken society" and encourage the German Armed Forces to be prepared for such a scenario.

NATO prepares for possible escalations

Earlier, the head of NATO's Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, stated that the alliance needs transformation, and the West must prepare for an era where anything can happen at any time, including the onset of war.

His remarks come amid delays or restrictions in military aid to Ukraine from the United States and the European Union.

On January 16, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that Western wavering in supporting Kyiv and fears of escalating the war with Russia could prolong hostilities for years.

Previously, the German publication Bild reported that NATO is planning extensive exercises in February involving around 90,000 military personnel. The exercise scenario involves a Russian attack on the Alliance's territory.

The chairman of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance, Admiral Rob Bauer, after yesterday's meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, which discussed, among other things, the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteraction to Russia's large-scale military aggression, called on the international community not to be pessimistic.