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Russia to continue shelling Kharkiv until West allows Ukraine to strike back - ISW

Russia to continue shelling Kharkiv until West allows Ukraine to strike back - ISW Russia will continue shelling Kharkiv until the West allows the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike its territory, according to ISW. The Russians are trying to force the residents of Kharkiv to leave (photo: Getty Images)

The shelling of civilian areas in Kharkiv with precision bombs indicates an attempt by Russia to intimidate residents and force them to leave the city, according to a report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The report notes that in recent weeks, Russian forces have been launching missile strikes on Kharkiv using glide bombs, primarily modified FAB and KAB bombs with glide modules, often equipped with guidance systems. One of the objectives is to make residents flee the city.

The ISW reminded that Russian aircraft have been conducting these strikes from a safe zone within Russian territory, without fear of being hit by Ukraine's air defense systems. This has been possible because Western countries have prohibited the use of their weapons for strikes on military targets and in the airspace of Russia.

"Russian forces will very likely continue these strikes as part of the offensive operation in northern Kharkiv region as long as Western prohibitions prevent Ukrainian forces from adequately challenging the Russian military's sanctuary in Russian territory," the ISW report states.

Russian shelling of Kharkiv

Russian army constantly shells Kharkiv due to its close proximity to the Ukrainian-Russian border.

On May 25, during the day, the invaders struck the Epicenter hypermarket with two guided aerial bombs. The attack resulted in the deaths of 11 people, with 40 others injured.

On the night of May 25, the Russian army attacked an educational institution in the city. The workshop was destroyed, and the main building of the lyceum was damaged.

Additionally, the Russian army attacked the outskirts of the city.