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Damage to Kharkiv lyceum from Russian strike detailed

Damage to Kharkiv lyceum from Russian strike detailed Photo: Kharkiv City Hall clarified the consequences of the Russian missile attack on the city on May 25 (Getty Images)

In Kharkiv, due to a Russian missile strike last night, May 25, a workshop at an educational institution was destroyed, and the main building of the lyceum was significantly damaged. Additionally, dozens of cars were damaged, and a supermarket and several apartment buildings were affected, according to Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

The mayor of the city clarified the consequences of the enemy shelling this morning.

He noted that the Russian army struck an educational facility in the Slobidskyi district, where an S-300 missile hit and destroyed:

  • the workshop of the educational institution,
  • 31 cars,
  • and partially destroyed the main building of the institution,
  • additionally, windows in several nearby apartment buildings were shattered,
  • and a nearby supermarket was also damaged.

"No information regarding casualties has been received," the mayor said.

Night missile attack on Kharkiv by Russia

In the night of May 25, during an air raid alarm, a series of explosions were heard in Kharkiv. The city was under missile attack. Later, the city authorities reported strikes in the Slobidskyi district of the city.

As a result of the enemy shelling, the building of the lyceum was partially destroyed, a nearby apartment building was damaged, and several cars were also affected.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office released a video showing the aftermath of the attacks and reported that the occupiers used ballistic missiles for the strikes on Kharkiv and the district, initially launching them with S-300 systems. Strikes were recorded on the lyceum building, in the industrial zone, and in an open area.