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Russia targets energy sector, possible limits in Kyiv: What's happening with power today

Russia targets energy sector, possible limits in Kyiv: What's happening with power today Photo: Power outages are possible in Kyiv and the region on November 25th (Getty Images)

Russia today launched the most massive drone strike on Kyiv. As a result of enemy attacks, there is damage to the power infrastructure. Limitations are possible in the capital and Kyiv region.

The situation with electricity in Ukraine on November 25 is detailed in the material below.

In preparing the material, the following sources were used: the Telegram channels of Ukrenergo (national power company), DTEK (largest commercial energy operator in Ukraine), the Facebook page of the CEO of YASNO company, Serhii Kovalenko, and the Ministry of Energy.

Damage in central Ukraine

Ukrenergo reported damage to major power transmission lines and distribution lines of regional power distribution companies in the central part of the country due to drone attacks. This means that the reliability of the power supply in the region is reduced.

"During the restoration work, power limits in Kyiv and the Kyiv region are possible," the statement said.

Energy officials note that time is needed to eliminate the consequences of the Russian attack. Therefore, residents of the capital and Kyiv region are urged to conserve electricity.

Emergency power outages in Kyiv

Serhii Kovalenko, the director of the energy company YASNO, noted that the electric networks in the capital have been damaged. Therefore, there are emergency power outages.

According to DTEK, 151 residential buildings, 75 private houses, and 12 institutions are without electricity in Kyiv.

Power outages in part of the Kyiv region

DTEK energy officials also reported that power supply disappeared in 16 thousand households in the Kyiv region due to the massive attack. In particular, 296 families in the Vyshhorod district of the region are left without power.

The Ministry of Energy clarified that 330 kV power lines were disconnected in the region. The preliminary cause is damage from shelling.

Repair teams have already been dispatched to the damage sites. Restoration is underway.

The rest of Ukraine

Currently, the electricity situation in Ukraine is under control. Energy officials do not report emergency situations or power outages in other regions.

It is worth noting that yesterday there were minor power outages in some regions of Ukraine. The cause of the outages was adverse weather conditions.

Massive attack on Kyiv

Tonight, occupiers released 75 kamikaze Shahed drones over Ukraine. Our air defense forces shot down 74 drones. The main target of the Russians was Kyiv. Today's Shahed attack on the capital of Ukraine was the most massive since the beginning of the full-scale war.

In the capital, debris from downed drones fell in several areas, causing destruction. 5 people were injured in the shelling of Kyiv. Among them is an 11-year-old child.