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Russia reports strikes on Belgorod

Russia reports strikes on Belgorod Photo: aftermath of the May 9 attack on Russian Belgorod (

Several explosions and fires broke out in Belgorod (Russian Federation) on the night of May 9, and the cause was attributed to shelling. Before that, air alert went off in the region due to a missile threat, according to the governor of the Belgorod region, Viacheslav Gladkov, and local publics.

Thus, the statement of the head of the region indicates that the missile warning siren was activated last night in Belgorod and the region at 00:54, 03:12 and 04:00 (local time).

Meanwhile, footage of explosions and smoke plumes in Belgorod, fires, and damaged and burnt cars were posted online.

Russian Telegram channels report that a house on Slavyanskaya Street was damaged, allegedly because of a “hit.” They also report that cars were destroyed by fire, in particular, on Kharkovskaya Gora and Gubkina Street.

However, it is not specified what exactly was used to attack the city.


Later, the governor said that the shelling had left 8 people injured.

“The city of Belgorod and Belgorod district were subjected to an air attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There were direct hits on residential apartment buildings and cars,” he wrote on Telegram.

The Russian official also said that in the Belgorod district, in the village of Dubove, the roofs of 4 private residential buildings were damaged.

“Three cars were also damaged. Information about the consequences of the air attack is being clarified,” Gladkov said.

In addition, the governor posted a photo with the consequences of the shelling:

Explosions in Belgorod and the region

This Russian region, from where Russian troops regularly strike at the territory of Ukraine, in particular the city of Kharkiv, has been experiencing various explosions and fires for a long time, and local authorities have been complaining about “drone attacks” and shelling, blaming Ukraine for this.

It is also worth noting that in the Belgorod region, cases of bombs being dropped by Russian military aircraft have recently become more frequent, as they are flying to bomb settlements in Ukraine. Russian media explains that Russian aviation is “losing” non-fragmentation and cluster bombs, and they fall on the territory of the Russian region.

For example, on May 4, an explosion occurred in Belgorod during the strikes on Kharkiv. At the time, Belgorod region Governor Gladkov said that five people were injured in the explosion, and 30 private houses and 10 cars were damaged.