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Russia recruits 'journalists' from around world through multimillion program

Russia recruits 'journalists' from around world through multimillion program Photo: Russia recruits journalists to justify aggression against Ukraine (Getty Images)

Russia, through Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian cooperation), is increasing expenditures on programs for foreign "journalists, bloggers, and youth" to cover the war in a manner favorable to the aggressor country. The Russian authorities have allocated 230 million rubles for these programs, according to the Center for National Resistance (CNR) on Telegram.

As noted in the report, Russia is thus increasing the recruitment of "journalists" worldwide.

According to the CNR, Rossotrudnichestvo is an organization created to operate a Russian agent network globally. In the first four months of 2024, it announced tenders worth 230 million rubles for the "correct coverage" of the war, which is more than the total for the entire year of 2023.

As part of its programs, Rossotrudnichestvo annually funds trips to Russia, including to temporarily occupied territories, for thousands of young "representatives of socio-political circles" from abroad.

"In Russia, foreign 'journalists' undergo training at the Sputnik news agency and the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. Subsequently, they become centers of propaganda in their countries and conduct information campaigns against Ukraine and the entire civilized world," the Center for National Resistance writes.

Recruitment of media representatives by Russia

It is worth noting that Russia systematically recruits journalists worldwide to justify its aggressive policies.

Even despite the full-scale war, Russia resorts to recruiting Ukrainians who ultimately work for Russian propaganda channels with the aim of discrediting the Ukrainian army and legitimizing the actions of the invaders in the occupied territories.