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Russia plans deportation of over 10,000 Ukrainian children for 'vacation' in controversial move

Russia plans deportation of over 10,000 Ukrainian children for 'vacation' in controversial move Ilustrative image (Photo: Getty Images)

In a startling development, plans have emerged from the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine, revealing Russia's intention to transport more than 10,000 local children for a purported "holiday" in the Russian Federation.

Reliable sources, including Ukraine's Center for National Resistance (CNR), have disclosed this alarming scheme orchestrated by Russian authorities in conjunction with local collaborators.

Destinations of the children

According to the CNR, the children are being transported to various camps situated in regions across Russia, including Dagestan, Chuvashia, and Krasnodar Krai.

Covert political agenda

Evidently, this operation is being orchestrated by the ruling political party "United Russia." The CNR further elaborated that these camps serve as platforms for ideological indoctrination, employing propagandist concerts and "educational events."

Harsh conditions and abuse

Tragically, these camps have become sites of suffering for Ukrainian children, with several incidents of criminal misconduct coming to light. In one harrowing incident, four children from Ukraine's temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk region fell victim to a pedophile within a camp in Anapa, taking advantage of their vulnerable status on unfamiliar soil.

Genocide of the Ukrainian people

The CNR has labeled this as a strategy of genocide against the Ukrainian people, accusing Russia of systematically erasing an entire generation through an orchestrated state-level program. This approach involves not only the complicity of the occupying forces' top brass but also local collaborators, educators, medical professionals, artists, and other personnel within the camps.

International response

In a groundbreaking move, the International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and ombudswoman Maria Lvova-Belova in connection with the deportation of Ukrainian children.

Prominent voices on the global stage, including Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska and British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmonds, have raised alarm about Russia's actions. Zelenska revealed that nearly 19,500 children have been taken from Ukraine, and the process of their repatriation faces considerable challenges due to Russian non-cooperation. Ambassador Simmonds went further, asserting that Russia's actions aim to obliterate the next generation of Ukraine's defenders by abducting its youth.