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Russia may have about 55 modernized Kh-69 missiles, used to destroy Trypillia power plant

Russia may have about 55 modernized Kh-69 missiles, used to destroy Trypillia power plant Russia may have about 55 modernized Kh-69 missiles (Russian media)

At present, Russia may have about 55 modernized Kh-69 missiles, which pose a new threat to Ukraine, according to RBC-Ukraine article "Russian threats and new mobilization rules: Summer forecast for Ukraine's front and rear."

Sources within special services suggest that Russian energy shelling may continue into the summer. It will depend on the stock of missiles Russians will have at that time and whether they will be able to achieve their goal.

According to RBC-Ukraine data, the enemy's arsenal currently includes about 930-940 high-precision missiles of operational-strategic and strategic levels with a range of over 350 kilometers.

Earlier, a representative of Defense Intelligence General Skibitskyy told RBC-Ukraine that as a rule, Moscow tried to keep its reserves at a level of not less than 900 missiles. When their number approaches this threshold, the Russians pause in mass shelling and switch to more targeted attacks.

Another type of weapon poses a new threat – the Kh-69 missiles, which are not included in the statistics. There have been several instances of the enemy using these missiles. Defense sources believe that it was these missiles that destroyed the Trypillia thermal power plant. Its main feature is the ability to fly up to 400 kilometers and be launched from tactical aircraft. Whereas it was previously believed that various Su aircraft were equipped with weapons that could not reach more than 250 kilometers, now a larger area of Ukraine falls under the threat.

It is unknown for certain how many Kh-59 missiles Russians manage to upgrade to Kh-69 per month. By the end of last year, the stock of Kh-69 could be around 60 units, and now their number may be around 55.

Trypillia power plant

During the attack on April 11, the Trypillia power plant in the Kyiv region was completely destroyed. The station was the largest supplier of electricity to the Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Zhytomyr regions.

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, Russia managed to destroy the Trypillia power plant only because the missiles defending Trypillia ran out during the attack. As the president explained, during the mass attack on April 11, Russian forces launched 11 missiles against the Trypillia station. Ukrainain soldiers managed to shoot down 7 of them.