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Russia deployed around 35,000 soldiers of National Guard for repression against Ukrainians

Russia deployed around 35,000 soldiers of National Guard for repression against Ukrainians In the Security Service of Ukraine, they disclosed how many Russian military personnel are present in the occupied territories (photo: Getty Images)

Partisans have determined the number of Russian military personnel present in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

According to information received from the Ukrainian underground, soldiers from the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardiya) are suppressing civilian resistance in the rear, conducting filtration measures among the civilian population, and identifying members of the underground movement.

"As of January 2024, Russia has concentrated around 35,000 Rosgvardiyats on the occupied territories. Half of them are regular formations, structured into brigades, 5 battalion-tactical groups, and 44 tactical groups," reported the National Resistance Center (CNR).

Partisans have discovered that the Russian occupational authorities regularly bring in over 100 consolidated units, formed from OMON (Special Purpose Mobility Unit) and Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) personnel, rotating them into Ukrainian territory.

Additionally, Rosgvardiya units are using heavy military equipment to suppress civilian resistance in the occupied territories.

"These units are equipped not only with service vehicles and armored personnel carriers but also tanks, artillery systems, and helicopters. They employ this entire range of weaponry to subdue those who oppose the Russian occupation," reported the center.

According to the partisans, these units were deployed to guard polling stations in the occupied territories during the pseudo-referendum in September 2022 and pseudo-elections in September 2023.

"The Rosgvardiya will be the primary tool for exerting pressure on the civilian population in the lead-up to the presidential elections in Russia scheduled for March 2024," announced the National Resistance Center (CNR).

What is Rosgvardiya

The Rosgvardiya is a military formation in Russia directly subordinate to the dictator Vladimir Putin.

As we previously reported, due to disruptions in Russia's internal security caused by the war against Ukraine, Russia is enhancing the combat capabilities of the Rosgvardiya.