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Russia deliberately recruits Indian citizens for war to avoid declaring mobilization - ISW

Russia deliberately recruits Indian citizens for war to avoid declaring mobilization - ISW Russian soldiers (photo: Getty Images)

Recruitment of Indian citizens to fight against Ukraine was not a mistake, but part of the Kremlin's deceptive campaign to avoid declaring mobilization in Russia, according to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

"The recruitment of Indian nationals is part of an ongoing Kremlin force generation campaign which began in Spring 2022 as a way for Putin to avoid declaring deeply unpopular mobilization in Russia and has continued following Putin's partial mobilization declaration in September 2022," the report states.

Specifically, the Kremlin has tasked a broad range of recruiters, including Russian officials, businessmen, private military companies, and foreign citizens, with enlisting any available volunteers for the war against Ukraine, often using deceptive methods and incentives.

The ISW observed that Russia has been sending citizens from Nepal, Cuba, and Serbia, as well as Central Asian and African countries, to combat operations in Ukraine under misleading pretenses such as offers of Russian citizenship or large financial compensations.

Analysts recalled that Indian officials announced efforts to secure the early release of 20 Indian citizens in February 2024.

ISW suggests that during a private dinner with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin may have promised to return Indian volunteers fighting in Ukraine.

In Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Putin aimed to capture Kharkiv while the US Congress delayed a package of military aid to Ukraine.

Previously, it was reported that in Zelenskyy's view, if the US exits NATO, the world would lose Poland, the Baltic countries, and other states.