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Russia complains use of WhatsApp by occupiers increases threat of strikes

Russia complains use of WhatsApp by occupiers increases threat of strikes The use of WhatsApp by occupiers increases the threat of strikes from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian command is reportedly complaining about soldiers on the front lines using their own phones and utilizing WhatsApp and SMS, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

It is noted that Russian military personnel have been repeatedly warned about the danger of using social media and the internet, but the occupiers disregard the commands.

"WhatsApp and other messages sent by Russian military personnel fall into Ukrainian interceptions, including documents, conversation screenshots, and media files," the statement said.

In particular, the Russian command blamed the use of Russian mobile phones for the devastating strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the concentration area in Makiivka, Donetsk region, on the eve of New Year 2023. Throughout the year, the Russians tried to address this issue.

Earlier it became known that on New Year's night, Ukrainian military struck a dormitory in Makiivka, where many mobilized Russians were located.

On January 2, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the strike on the occupiers in Makiivka. According to British intelligence, over 300 people were killed there. Later, it was revealed that identifying the location of the Russians was aided by a large concentration of phone signals.

New WhatsApp feature and Russia's stance towards Meta company

WhatsApp Messenger has introduced additional features in more than 150 countries. Users can now create their own channels that others can subscribe to directly within the app, similar to Telegram.

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp and has been considered an extremist organization in Russia since spring 2022, has faced restrictions in the country. Since then, social networks Facebook and Instagram are banned in Russia, but this measure does not extend to the WhatsApp messenger.