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Russia complains about drone attacks in Rostov region

Russia complains about drone attacks in Rostov region In the Rostov region of the Russian Federation, a drone attack reported (photo: Russian media)

In the Rostov region (Russian Federation), on the night of April 12, air defense forces and means were deployed due to a drone attack, according to the governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev.

According to the Russian official, air defence systems were active near Novoshakhtinsk in response to a threat of UAV attacks.

"In the Novoshakhtinsk area, air defence forces are repelling a UAV attack. The consequences on the ground are being clarified," the post stated.

Later, the governor stated that four drones had allegedly been destroyed.

"At 03:10 (local time), the UAV attack was repelled in Novoshakhtinsk. Four drones were destroyed by air defence forces," he said.

Golubev also mentioned that preliminary information did not indicate any casualties or damage to objects.

"The information is being clarified," he added.

Drone attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation

Earlier, it was reported that oil refineries and other facilities in Russia are increasingly coming under attack, with drones being used for these attacks.

The strikes are becoming increasingly long-range. For example, on April 2, according to sources from RBC-Ukraine, Ukrainian drones attacked facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, for the first time.

The drones struck a plant where Russian kamikaze drones Shahed are assembled. Russians complained of injuries. On the same day, drones also attacked an oil refinery in Tatarstan.

It was also recently reported that on April 5, drones allegedly attacked the Bryansk Chemical Plant, which produces explosives. On April 9, it became known that drones allegedly attacked the Borisoglebsk Aviation Training Center in the Voronezh region overnight.

Additionally, on the night of April 11, reports emerged of a drone crash in the Lipetsk region. The local governor also reported a fire in an unfinished hospital as a result of the incident. Later in the day, an attack by drones on a mining and processing plant was reported in the Kursk region.