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Russia claims hit on plant substation in Kursk region

Russia claims hit on plant substation in Kursk region Illustrative image (

Russians report a hit on the substation of the oil plant in Sudzha, Kursk region. There is currently a fire there, according to the Mash Telegram channel.

The number of victims of the strike is being clarified.

They also claim that two gas stations were attacked. According to the Russian Telegram channel, gasoline pumps caught fire at the first gas station, causing the fire to approach the fuel tanks.

At the second gas station, there were no serious consequences.

Explosions on the territory of Russia

Explosions are becoming a commonplace event in Russia. Ukrainian soldiers regularly strike at Russian targets, including airfields, oil refineries, and power substations. Today, explosions were heard in three regions of Russia. According to an RBC-Ukraine source, the explosive night was a joint operation of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Defense Intelligence.

Oil depots in the Krasnodar region were also recently hit. A large-scale fire broke out at two oil tanks.