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Russia asks Kazakhstan for gasoline in case of shortage - Reuters

Russia asks Kazakhstan for gasoline in case of shortage - Reuters Illustrative photo (UNIAN)

Russia has requested Kazakhstan to be ready to supply it with 100 thousand tons of gasoline in case of a shortage, exacerbated by attacks from Ukrainian drones and disruptions in operations, informs Reuters.

One of the sources reported that an agreement on the use of reserves for Russia has already been reached.

According to the sources, Moscow has asked Kazakhstan to create an emergency reserve of 100 thousand metric tons of gasoline ready for delivery to Russia.

Neighboring Belarus has also agreed to assist Russia with gasoline supplies.

As of the end of March, about 14% of Russian oil refining capacities were disabled due to drone attacks. So far, the authorities claim that the situation in the domestic fuel markets is stable, and the reserves are quite large.

Russia is typically a net exporter of fuel and a supplier to international markets, but disruptions in the operation of oil refineries are forcing oil companies to import.

Moscow imposed a ban on gasoline exports for six months from March 1 to prevent acute fuel shortages, although it does not apply to the Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union, including Kazakhstan, as well as to some countries such as Mongolia, with which it has intergovernmental agreements on fuel supplies.

However, according to traders, the ban may be extended if the situation in Russia deteriorates.

Drone strikes on Russian oil refineries

Since January, Ukraine has intensified attacks on Russian oil infrastructure, targeting major oil refineries to disrupt Russian military supply chains.

Recently, the Financial Times reported that the United States allegedly urged Ukraine to cease attacks on Russian energy infrastructure. Washington fears that strikes on Russian refineries could lead to an increase in global oil and gasoline prices.

In response, Ukraine's Vice Prime Minister, Olha Stefanyshyna, stated that oil refineries in Russian territory are legitimate targets for Ukraine from a military perspective. She added that Defense Forces targeting these facilities operate according to NATO's best standards.

Advisor to the Ukrainian President's Office, Mykhailo Podoliak, claimed that Ukraine has not received any calls from the US to halt attacks on Russian oil refineries.