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Robert Fico: Key facts about controversial Prime Minister of Slovakia

Robert Fico: Key facts about controversial Prime Minister of Slovakia Photo: Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico (Getty Images)

Today, on May 15, a shooting took place near the meeting place of the Slovak Cabinet of Ministers. As a result, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, was severely wounded.

More details about Fico and his role in the political arena can be found in the material by RBC-Ukraine.

Last autumn, parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia. As a result, Robert Fico and the Direction - Social Democracy party came to power.

Robert Fico's pro-Russian views

Fico has repeatedly voiced the Kremlin's theses and distinguished himself with pro-Russian rhetoric. Since 2014, he has called the EU sanctions against Russia ineffective and seen them as a threat to the Slovak economy. He has also cynically stated that the war in Ukraine started because " Ukrainian Nazis and fascists started to murder the Russian citizens in Donbas and Luhansk."

Additionally, Fico has stated that the war is a "frozen conflict," supposedly impossible to resolve through military support for Ukraine.

After his victory in the elections, Fico made another scandalous statement regarding the war in Ukraine, advocating for peaceful negotiations. According to him, Slovakia has bigger problems than aiding Ukraine.

Fico opposes aid to Ukraine

After Fico assumed office, Slovakia ceased providing military assistance to Ukraine. Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Slovakia even opposes Ukraine's accession to NATO.

"Ukraine's membership in NATO only benefits the Third World War. An independent Ukraine is enough for us," said the Slovak Prime Minister.

At the same time, Fico emphasized his willingness to cooperate with countries worldwide, including Russia.

"During times of conflict, there is great interest in restoring normal relations with Moscow. I want to pursue a policy of good, friendly relations with everyone interested in such a policy," he said.

Slovak assistance

It's worth noting that while the Slovak government ceased providing aid to Ukraine, Slovak companies were not prohibited from doing so.

Despite Fico's refusal to aid Ukraine, Slovak citizens voluntarily donated over 3 million euros to a Czech initiative, which purchases ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers.

Overall, volunteers raised 3,098,574 euros, donated by 50,162 individuals.

However, the Slovak Prime Minister mocked this fundraising effort, stating that if people believe bullets and bombs are more important than "cancer patients in Slovakia," then he has nothing to say to them.

He also claimed that approved aid from the European Union and the United States to Kyiv supposedly won't change anything in the war with the Russian Federation.