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RF establishes institutions for militarization of youth in Crimea and in occupied South

RF establishes institutions for militarization of youth in Crimea and in occupied South Photo: the occupiers are massively preparing children for the ranks of the Yunarmy and building a network of such institutions (

Russian occupiers are constructing a network of military-patriotic education centers for youth in the temporarily occupied Crimea and in the occupied districts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

According to the decision of the Kremlin, in each municipal entity of the Russian Federation, zonal centers for military-patriotic education and preparation of citizens for military service are to be established. Occupiers pay special attention to the youth, which is why they actively expand the activities of regional branches of the All-Russian children's and youth public movement Yunarmiya in each subject of the Russian Federation.

These programs are being forcibly implemented in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, where occupiers attempt to first change the self-identification of the youth, make them more favorable towards Russian dominance, and then recruit them into their own power structures and the occupying army.

"Special attention is being paid to the temporarily occupied Crimea, where the occupying authorities have been implementing the current Russian federal system for preparing citizens for military service for 10 years. The enemy intends to further develop such a network in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions," the National Resistance Center reports.

Indeed, the Russian occupation administration in the temporarily occupied territory of Sevastopol is considering the establishment of a military-patriotic education center for youth called Avangard within the city. The main goal of such centers is to provide services in the organization of military-patriotic education for youth and to promote military and other state service.

In particular, the location of such a center within the territory of the Patriot Park is already known. Construction and installation works are planned for the years 2025-2027. According to the Kremlin's estimates, approximately 5,000 Ukrainian children from the occupied peninsula will undergo training at the center annually.

"In addition, such centers are already actively collaborating with the centers of the post-Soviet network of DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation, and Navy), where high school students and university students undergo certain training courses. For example, after completing driving school, in addition to a driver's license, they are assigned a primary military specialty and included in the reserve of the Russian Armed Forces," the statement says.

In the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, this training is carried out in close cooperation with the command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, as they will primarily recruit such "conscripts."

Ukrainian children in occupation

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy actively seeks to destroy Ukrainian culture among school-age children. Invaders prohibit children from learning the Ukrainian language, forcing students to praise the Russian army, and in cases of clear disagreement, they threaten them and their families with punishment.

Recently, it was reported that Russians are transporting teenagers from the temporarily occupied territory to undergo training in operating drones as part of a program called Youth Tech.

Moreover, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, Russians conduct school raids and crackdowns, citing "extremism" as the reason.

Additionally, Russians compel Ukrainian schoolchildren to write so-called "soldier letters."