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RF attacks thermal power station: Five employees injured

RF attacks thermal power station: Five employees injured Photo: The Russian Federation attacked the DTEK thermal power plant (Getty Images)

The Russian Federation has once again attacked the DTEK (the largest energy company in Ukraine) thermal power station. This time, 5 employees of the company were affected by the hostile attack, according to the DTEK.

"Today, after intensive shelling, five energy workers employed at the DTEK thermal power station in the frontline region were injured," the company reported.

According to DTEK, all workers in need promptly received first aid and were transported to the hospital.

"We are in contact with them and their families. We provide all necessary assistance," the company stated.

The equipment of the enterprise also suffered damage.

"At the moment, shelling continues. After its cessation, the energy workers will begin to eliminate the consequences of the attack," added DTEK.

The company reported that this is already the tenth attack on the frontline thermal power station in the last two months.

Overall, in the regions where DTEK operates, about a thousand teams of energy workers are working on ensuring the energy supply for Ukrainians.