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Residential building blazes in Moscow, prompting evacuation of residents

Residential building blazes in Moscow, prompting evacuation of residents In Moscow, a residential building is on fire, residents have been evacuated (photo: GettyImages)

A residential building caught fire in Moscow. The fire has been assigned an elevated rank.

Sources used in preparing the material include Telegram channels SHOT, MASH, BAZA, TASS, and the Russian Emergencies Ministry (MChS).

"The roof of a six-story residential building on Leningradsky Prospekt near the Aeroport metro station in Moscow is on fire. The fire has been assigned the third rank of complexity out of five. Residents have been evacuated," sources reported.

The Emergencies Ministry announced that the area affected by the fire is 4,000 square meters

"In Moscow, the area of the fire has increased to 4,000 square meters. Evacuation of residents is underway. Over 130 specialists and 41 units of equipment are involved in firefighting efforts, with 2 Ka-32 helicopters from the Moscow Aviation Center dispatched," the Emergencies Ministry reported.

A photo of the fire being extinguished by the Ka-32 helicopter appeared on social media.

У Москві горить житловий будинок: мешканців евакуювали

Photo: Extinguishing the fire with a "Ka-32" helicopter (

The Moscow Transport Department has announced traffic restrictions on Chernyakhovskogo Street.

"The traffic on Chernyakhovskogo Street in Moscow near the Aeroport metro station is closed due to a massive fire," the Department of Transportation reported.

It has also been reported that the attic of the burning building collapsed.

"The collapse of the attic has begun in the building on fire in northern Moscow, according to emergency services," reported the TASS Telegram channel.

Rescuers continue to extinguish the fire.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) reports, the fire has been extinguished.

"The employees of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have localized the fire in Moscow," the department reported.

Fires in Russia

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