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Massive warehouse fire erupts in Sverdlovsk region, Russia

Massive warehouse fire erupts in Sverdlovsk region, Russia In the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation, there is a large-scale fire at a warehouse (Photo: Russian media)
Author: Daria Shekina

A fire occurred in the city of Aramil in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia on Monday night, January 29. A production and warehouse facility caught fire, according to Russian media.

According to Russian media reports, the fire occurred in an area of 800 square meters in the city of Aramil.

It is noted that firefighting efforts were complicated by heavy smoke. Firefighters evacuated seven people.

Drone attacks and explosions in Russia

A powerful fire broke out in the Leningrad region on the night of January 21, specifically in the port of the town of Ust-Luga. According to sources mentioned by RBC-Ukraine, it was a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

Drones of the SSU precisely targeted the location, after which the fire engulfed the Ust-Luga Oil oil terminal. The terminal processes fuel, which is supplied, among other recipients, to the Russian military.

Additionally, a powerful explosion occurred in the Leningrad region on January 26.