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Attack on Russian oil depot: Drone allegedly shot down in Bryansk region

Attack on Russian oil depot: Drone allegedly shot down in Bryansk region Photo: a drone was allegedly shot down again in Bryansk region on January 20 (Getty Images)

Russians claimed to have allegedly downed a drone in the Bryansk region. This occurred during the night of January 20, according to the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, on Telegram.

The governor of the region, in a customary manner, blamed Ukraine for the alleged attack. According to him, the drone was downed in the Klintsy district.

"No casualties or damage reported. Operational and emergency services are working at the scene," wrote the Russian official.

It's worth noting that yesterday, the Klintsy oil depot in the Bryansk region was attacked, although the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of the drone.

What else is known about the attack

On the night of January 19, a powerful fire broke out at the oil depot in the city of Klintsy in the Bryansk region. As reported by a source to RBC-Ukraine in the special services, this was the result of a successful operation by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

Yesterday, Russian media also reported drone attacks on the Tambov powder plant. It is located in the Russian city of Kotovsk, where gunpowder for weapons and ammunition is manufactured.

Sources from RBC-Ukraine also confirmed that the Main Intelligence Directorate was behind this attack.

Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate at the Ministry of Defense, Andrii Yusov, stated that the attacks on the oil depot and the plant have caused damage to the occupiers. This, in particular, complicates the logistics for the Russians and disrupts supply schedules.