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Queue shrinks to under a thousand trucks: Border update

Queue shrinks to under a thousand trucks: Border update Photo: Andriy Demchenko, spokesperson of the State Border Service of Ukraine (

Around 850 freight vehicles are currently queued on blocked routes towards Ukraine. The smallest number is opposite the Yahodyn checkpoint, states Andrii Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, during a televised marathon.

Situation on blocked routes

As of the morning of January 13th, according to Demchenko, Polish carriers continue to block three routes:

  • Yahodyn - Dorohusk
  • Rava-Ruska - Hrebenne
  • Krakivets - Korczowa

Protesters are impeding traffic only for freight vehicles.

According to information from Polish border guards, there are approximately 850 trucks queued on the Polish side towards Ukraine:

  • The least is opposite the Yahodyn checkpoint - around 170 trucks.
  • The rest are in the direction of the Rava-Ruska and Krakivets checkpoints.

"We continue to observe a relatively more active movement towards the Krakivets checkpoint and the least towards Yahodyn - Dorohusk, despite it being the largest infrastructure object capable of passing around 1200–1400 trucks in both directions per day. However, on average, only about 100–150 trucks are passing through here daily," explained the spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Situation on the unblocked Shehyni - Medyka checkpoint

On this route, the traffic intensity remains at the level before the checkpoint was blocked. However, the most extended queue is observed in this direction - approximately 1200 trucks.

"Drivers and carriers are exploring all possible ways to cross the border. Considering that other routes allow fewer freight vehicles or are practically more challenging to cross due to the actions of Polish carriers, this border crossing point (Shehyni - Medyka - editor) is in high demand," explained Demchenko.

Ukrainian border blockade

On November 6th, Polish carriers began strikes at the border with Ukraine, intending to continue until the beginning of January 2024. During the protest, several routes were blocked, allowing the passage of no more than one truck per hour. Later, the Medyka - Shehyni checkpoint was also blocked. Polish representatives, on their part, planned to unblock the border by the end of 2023.

On December 24th, Polish protesters stopped blocking the Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint for the holiday period, but on January 4th, they resumed their action. However, on January 6th, an agreement was signed, allowing the unblocking of the checkpoint.