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Putin is furious: Defense Intelligence learned Kremlin's reaction to Su-57 aircraft destruction

Putin is furious: Defense Intelligence learned Kremlin's reaction to Su-57 aircraft destruction Defense Intelligence of Ukraine representative Andrii Yusov (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The Kremlin and dictator Vladimir Putin's reaction to the damage inflicted on the Su-57 fighter jet is very heated and palpable, according to Andrii Yusov, the representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU).

"We can confirm the fact of the strike. Regarding the operation itself — neither confirm nor deny. But yes, the news is excellent: Putin is indeed furious, and the reaction in the Kremlin is very heated and palpable. They tried hard to hide and protect the Su-57. These Su-57s never entered Ukrainian airspace - they were afraid of them being shot down," he added.

According to Yusov, Russian terrorists exaggerated the fighter's capabilities for its sale and presence on the international arms market. Specifically, the aircraft was used for missile strikes on Ukrainian civilian targets, making its damage deserved.

Information on another Su-57 being hit

The DIU spokesperson noted that there is information regarding the damage to two Su-57s, as well as dead and wounded militants. Meanwhile, in the enemy's information field, only one unit is confirmed.

"There are published satellite images that clearly show the damage to one aircraft. We need to wait for further confirmation," he added.

However, he emphasized that it is about damage, not destruction. Diagnosing the fighter jet will take considerable time, as will its restoration.

"And if we talk about the fact that this is an artificial product, the Su-57, for Putin's army, then the loss of any unit is a serious blow to the enemy's capabilities," said the DIU representative.

Overall, Russia has up to a dozen Su-57s.

Attack on Su-57 in Russia

Yesterday, June 9, intelligence reported the damage to a Su-57 aircraft at the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan region. Expressly, the damage was confirmed by satellite images. However, who and what hit the Russian aircraft is not disclosed.

More information about the Su-57 aircraft, which the Russians call ultra-modern - in the RBC-Ukraine article.