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Psychologist reveals words that impact men's self-esteem

Psychologist reveals words that impact men's self-esteem Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Our words are a powerful tool for communicating with people in the direction you need. And in relationships between a man and a woman, it's important to carefully consider what you say.

About the words that women say that affect a man's self-esteem, reports psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko on Instagram.

The words of women that boost men's self-esteem

Not every woman can say that her partner or husband is confident and ready to move mountains for her, but a man's behavior and actions are influenced by his woman's attitude towards him and everything he does or doesn't do.

"If you want your man to open up next to you, feel like a hero, feel like a leader, feel manly, then you need to understand that you are the fuel for his self-esteem, you can provide the right fuel," says the psychologist.

Dmytro explains that it all starts with a simple thank you when you say phrases like: "Thank you very much for...", "You're great, you make money, you take care of us", "You're great, you helped me with everything around the house", and so on.

According to the psychologist, it doesn't matter how small the thing a man did for you is.

Psychologist reveals words that impact men's self-esteemWhich words of women boost men's self-esteem (photo: Freepik)

"Perhaps you just asked him to bring a glass of water from one room to another and you don't think it's a super feat and you're right, but you need to understand that in every person you can find things that can be despised, and you can also find things to be thankful for, to praise him for it and to reveal some potential," explains Dmytro.

It turns out that the things we focus on determine what the marriage will be like. And gratitude makes men more confident and they want to do even more and on a larger scale for you because they receive thanks and see your emotions and gratitude.

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