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Psychologist named 2 signals indicating problems in relationships

Psychologist named 2 signals indicating problems in relationships Signals that indicate problems in a relationship (photo: Freepik)

In relationships, we often overlook certain signals indicating problems, but psychologists highlight the main ones. A Ukrainian psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko tells about two signals indicating relationship problems.

2 signals indicating relationship problems

Relationships between a woman and a man are always work, but not everyone is ready to genuinely work towards results and fully commit to another person, to change, to do something new together, and so on.

When problems arise in relationships, partners usually don't immediately pay attention to them or simply suppress these thoughts within themselves. However, the problems do not disappear, and the signals of their presence only intensify.

According to the psychologist, the first signal is if you become interested in a new partner.

"It happens that there are certain misunderstandings with your wife, grievances accumulate, and then a colleague at work really appeals to him, and he begins to think about her and compare her behavior with his wife's behavior. This can be the first marker moment that a critical process is already taking place in the marriage, that another person has become interesting to you. And when you start thinking about another person - you are not so quick to rush home," says the psychologist.

Психолог назвав 2 сигнали, які свідчать про проблеми у стосунках

The signals indicating problems in relationships (photo: Freepik)

Also, when the digital world becomes more interesting to us than our loved ones, it is already the second indicator that feelings are starting to fade, and at this moment, it is worth intervening.

"When we think that nothing terrible is happening, it's just a marriage, and you have been together for many years, and there are already children, and the belief that on the 10th year of marriage, you can still be interested in your partner disappears. But in reality, it can happen," explains Dmytro.

It turns out that there are key "flags" that indicate serious problems in relationships, and regardless of how long you've been together, it can happen in any couple, and it should not be ignored.