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Psychologist flags 3 toxic behavior examples

Psychologist flags 3 toxic behavior examples Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

There are plenty of situations that are unpleasant for us. But often, we stay silent or ignore them, considering them normal or just rudeness. Unfortunately, this is a manifestation of toxic behavior that needs attention and should be stopped in communication.

The three common examples of toxic behavior that are worth knowing about are explained by RBC-Ukraine, based on a video by psychologist Oksana Klochkovska on Instagram.

Example 1

When someone behaves rudely but labels it as honesty. "I'm just being honest with you," such a person says in response to criticism.

Example 2

When a person offends others and then claims it was just a joke. "I was joking, it's my sense of humor," they say, as if justifying their behavior. Or, "You misunderstood again."

Example 3

When a person constantly plays the victim. In their perspective, everyone else is to blame, not themselves.

As the psychologist points out, toxic behavior can encompass all three points or just one. It could be someone close to you, a colleague, parents, or even yourself.

If you notice such behavior in someone close to you, it's worth considering and maybe having a conversation about it. If you catch yourself thinking that you might have such toxic behavior, it's worth discussing it with a psychologist.

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