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Psychologist explained how to find suitable life partner

Psychologist explained how to find suitable life partner How to find a suitable life partner (photo: Freepik)

Finding a good life partner who meets all the criteria can be quite a challenging task, as people often do not understand themselves, and this is the foundation of the iceberg.

How to find a suitable partner, according to the psychologist Oleksandr Tsurkann.

How to find a suitable partner

"Many people are focused on relationships, on how to find the right partner, a worthy man or woman. Perhaps, before building a relationship with a partner, we should learn to build healthy relationships with ourselves," says the psychologist.

The psychologist also suggests that, initially, it is essential to understand who you are, what you live for, to love yourself, and fully accept yourself. You need to learn to live the life you want, to live independently. And then, invite a partner into this wonderful world. Because we have no choice, as each of our partners reflects what is already inside us.

Психолог пояснив, як знайти підходящого партнера по життю (відео)

How to find a suitable partner (photo: Freepik)

When a person understands themselves, they comprehend others, see the people around them, know how they allow themselves to be treated, and are open about it because such people have well-defined boundaries. They value and love themselves.

When a person loves and respects themselves, they attract similar individuals with a similar outlook on life, a sense of self-worth, and self-confidence.

Entering into a relationship without understanding oneself can be detrimental to the inner world and destroy everything that could have been built over the years but lacked a strong personal foundation.

Therefore, for those who want to find a suitable partner, it is worthwhile to delve into oneself, limit their requirements for a significant other, and not settle for options that are obviously not a match.

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