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6 ways to stay productive in cold period

6 ways to stay productive in cold period How to boost your productivity (photo: Freepik)

Productivity typically decreases with the onset of cold weather and rainy, gloomy seasons. However, there are ways to remain cheerful and productive despite these challenges, writes psychological portal Purport on Instagram.

More light

Try waking up a bit earlier to get more sunlight. Morning walks and fresh air can provide additional energy. Alternatively, use bright artificial light in the morning, signaling your internal clock that it's time to be alert.

Plan your day

A daily routine is beneficial for everyone, especially those affected by seasonal mood changes. Listen to your circadian rhythms to plan the most important tasks during your most productive hours. Use apps to ensure sufficient rest and don't miss important events.6 ways to stay productive in cold period

How to boost productivity (photo: Freepik)

Look for the positive aspects of cold weather

Focus on new opportunities that the cold season can bring. Instead of mourning the end of summer, discover new hobbies and interests that bring joy and satisfaction.

Review your goals

Make a list of the goals you want to achieve by the end of the year. Assess your strengths and resources to focus only on those that inspire you the most and that you can realistically achieve.

Find time for enjoyment

Don't forget to take care of yourself. Whether it's watching your favorite movie or spending time with friends playing board games, allow yourself to indulge in enjoyment.

Choose a more tranquil pace of life

Don't compare yourself to others, as everyone reacts to seasonal changes differently. If you need more time than usual to handle tasks, allow yourself to do so without anxiety and self-blame.

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