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Personal boundaries and their danger: Psychologist's explanation

Personal boundaries and their danger: Psychologist's explanation What are personal boundaries (photo: Freepik)

Many people struggle to establish personal boundaries, and as a result, they become hostages to external circumstances, unable to make significant decisions in their lives.

RBC-Ukraine discusses what personal boundaries are and why they can sometimes be dangerous, citing a Ukrainian psychologist Oleksii Satanovskyi with a reference to his Instagram.

What are personal boundaries

"Your boundaries are about you, without external influence and your influence on the outside. Your boundaries are about your desires, your possibilities, your thoughts, your feelings," says the psychologist.

When you know your personal boundaries, you can focus on your wants and needs, meaning you can establish your comfort. This is crucial because your boundaries determine how you can then build relationships with other people within the framework of your comfort.

What happens when a person establishes rigid boundaries

"A person with rigid boundaries does not give themselves freedom; they do not allow the opportunity to express their feelings or show them to other people," observes the psychologist.

Oleksii also noted that it is very difficult for a person with rigid boundaries to build relationships in society; they struggle to be flexible. For instance, in romantic relationships where compromise is often necessary, it becomes a challenging task for them.

Based on this, the psychologist emphasized that it's important to make your boundaries flexible, to define them, and to understand what is truly yours.

"It's essential to determine where your comfort zone and needs are, but sometimes to compromise. This is also crucial and amazing when it happens that you can compromise without violating your emotional boundaries, feelings, and comfort," noted Oleksii.

In essence, regardless of the circumstances, personal boundaries should exist, but they shouldn't be rigid. Otherwise, they will only complicate our lives, and in such a case, no one but yourself can ease relationships with society.

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