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Pros and cons of sex during pregnancy: Gynecologist debunks popular myths

Pros and cons of sex during pregnancy: Gynecologist debunks popular myths Do doctors approve having sex during pregnancy (photo: Freepik)

Pregnancy is a special and unforgettable period in the life of every woman. It is worth knowing whether it is possible to have sex during pregnancy and what consequences it may lead to, writes medical community Berezhi sebe.

Can sex harm a baby?

Gynecologist Tetyana Osaulenko said that contrary to many recommendations that you can hear from "experts" on the Internet, sex during a normal pregnancy is not prohibited.

Some studies show that the frequency and duration of intercourse in pregnant women has no significant effect on any obstetric or neonatal outcome when compared with expectant mothers.

The doctor says that during pregnancy, a woman's body changes significantly to make the baby's growth and development as comfortable and safe as possible.

In particular, in the womb, the child is protected by amniotic fluid and powerful uterine muscles. Sexual intercourse during normal pregnancy does not affect the child in any way.

Why there was 'ban'

The "ban" to have sex during pregnancy is often associated with the prejudice that orgasm can lead to premature birth - but this is not the case. In the late stages of pregnancy, sexual intercourse can cause mild cramps. However, this does not lead to complications and passes after some time after relaxation.

There is also an unfounded opinion that prostaglandins, which are present in semen, can provoke seizures.

They were first isolated from the prostate and are currently used in medicine to facilitate childbirth. To date, no evidence has been found that natural prostaglandins in sperm can somehow affect premature labor.

Is it normal for a woman not to want sex during pregnancy?

Both the presence and absence of libido in a pregnant woman are completely normal phenomena. After all, during this period there are many changes that can affect mood, well-being, and libido.

In some periods of pregnancy, the drive can almost disappear, and in others, on the contrary, it increases. So if both of you want to, you don't need to give up sexual activity.

With each week of pregnancy, a woman's body changes. Accordingly, for making love, you will sometimes have to practice positions that you may not have used before.

Condoms - to use or not to use?

Condoms should be used during sex even during pregnancy. Barrier contraception protects not only from unplanned pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted disoders.

You should avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy in the following situations:

  • pain in the lower abdomen

  • bloody vaginal discharge

  • leakage of amniotic fluid

  • placenta previa (placenta praevia)

  • shortening of the cervix

  • history of miscarriage and/or premature birth

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