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Production of ammunition - China increases its supply of nitrocellulose to Russia

Production of ammunition - China increases its supply of nitrocellulose to Russia Archive photo: China increased supplies to Russia of raw materials for the production of ammunition (Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation)

China sharply increased its export of nitrocellulose to Russia. This is a dual-use material that can be used in the production of ammunition, NHK informs.

NHK notes that this occurred after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. Journalists analyzed data published by Chinese customs authorities for the year 2015. It turned out that from 2015 to 2021, nitrocellulose exports to Russia were practically non-existent. However, exports sharply increased from May 2022.

In 2022, China exported just over 700 tons of nitrocellulose to Russia. In 2023, this volume almost doubled, exceeding 1300 tons. From January to March of the current year, about 110 tons were exported, the source writes.

Moreover, Beijing exports nitrocellulose to other countries as well, but the United States is concerned about China's export of dual-use materials to Russia.

Russia increases its import of nitrocellulose

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia had increased purchases of nitrocellulose, critically important for the production of artillery ammunition, from enterprises in the USA, Germany, and Taiwan.

Journalists found that this was happening through a Turkish company. At the same time, other countries are experiencing a shortage of nitrocellulose, which is slowing down the supply of artillery shells to Ukraine.